The Rittenhouse Square Fine Art Show

Taking a break from the wonderful debauchery that is Philly Beer Week, Philadelphians with a more aesthetic sensibility can stroll over to Rittenhouse Square(Link) for what is one of the city’s oldest and grandest tradition; Rittenhouse Square Fine Art Show.

The event began in 1932 as a showcase for local student artists in the Rittenhouse Square neighborhood. Each year, with the support and patronage of city, the event grew in prestige and the number of exhibitions increased. As time passed and it’s popularity gradually rose, the organizers decided to make it a bi-annual event in summer and fall. And even some volunteers think it should happen more often!

Today, it showcases the work of several hundred artists hailing from every state in the country. Some of them are established veterans who attend simply to meet and greet longtime and aficionados. While others are rising stars in their respective media, eager to make their names and prove their worth. But whatever their artistic origins, the Rittenhouse Art Show is a focus point of creativity in the city.

We work hard here at InvestPhilly. We look out for our clients and their interests. But we also care about art and feel that everyone should as well. So take break from the rush of city life, friend. Take a moment to smell a flower or paint a portrait. Open a metaphorical window and let art into your soul. Then leave that metaphorical house and join us at the Rittenhouse Square Fine Art Show!

See you there neighbor!

Our Team Leader,   Eli  , takes a break from the office to enjoy some watercolors.

Our Team Leader, Eli, takes a break from the office to enjoy some watercolors.