Olde Kensington is a Newly Rising Star

Olde Kensington is a very desirable location for those that want convenient access to Center City Philadelphia while retaining the space and lower price of a suburb. Moreover, new developments are springing up to meet this demand with modern homes, apartments and amenities.

An added benefit of the renewed development is increased safety for residents. Crime rates in the area have dropped in the past ten years, and are in line with the rest pf Philadelphia. Unfortunately, they remain above the national average. This trend of decreasing crime is expected to continue as new residents flock to the region and the local economy sees growth.

On the subject of growth, for those looking at Olde Kensington to invest, the opportunities are abundant. New developments, reduced crime and increasing rents are making this neighborhood good choice for savvy investors. Whether it’s for rental income or rehabilitating a property, there are deals to be found.

The ambiance and architectural style of the area straddles the line between industrial and bohemian. A mix of the familiar and the breathtakingly new. Many restored buildings have an aura of age and history, attracting an eclectic mix of artists and photographers. There are also many quiet spots where residents enjoy the neighborhood.

Many new residents are a younger crowd looking for housing bargains in the city. The result being that many are living with roommates and becoming familiar with the area. As is often the case, some residents will decide to remain and settle down when marriage and children come into their lives.

If you're in Olde Kensington for a short while, or you've decided to settle down, the neighborhood offers much at price that will appeal to everyone.