The Botanical Wonderland of Bartram's Garden

One of the oldest and most beautiful landmarks in Philadelphia is undoubtedly Bartram's Garden

Bartram's Garden is the oldest botanical Garden in the Country and was established by the Bartram Family to cultivate local and exotic plant species.

The Bartram Family is credited with creating the first plant catalogue; an exhaustive list of 220 "trees, shrubs and herbacious plants".

The Bartrams sent seeds to Thomas Jefferson for planting at Monticello and in 1784, the Continental Congress adjourned specifically to visit Bartram’s Garden.

Today, the 45-acre park encompasses the Bartram family home, several outbuildings, a farm, a cider press and trails that wind through woods and meadows and along the river. The Garden regularly hosts weddings and offers botanical tours to young children. It is maintained by the John Bartram Society.

You can learn more at the Smithsonian.

George Washington visiting Bartram's Garden.

George Washington visiting Bartram's Garden.