The Intoxicating Beauty of Brewerytown

Within the city of Philadelphia is a small neighborhood called Brewerytown. Located in the North, this tiny little area of only 35 acres is an unofficial town scarcely known to those outside of the city.

It’s called Brewerytown because, according to historical records, back in the 19th and 20th century this area was filled with a number of breweries. Maps dating as early as 1987 list a number of small distilleries and breweries in the area. With time, the number drastically increased to around 700 in all of Philadelphia. Because of nearby farmland and proximity to the river up north, several such distilleries were setup and operated from Brewerytown.

An architect named Otto Wolf contributed much to the expansion and development of this area in the early to mid 20th century. Under his command and tutelage over sixty buildings like saloons, breweries, offices etc were constructed. A few like the Columbia Park, Bergdoll Brewing Complex and the F.A. Poth Brewing are still standing.

Currently, the only fully functioning breweries are Crime and Punishment Brewing Company and Flying Fish Crafthouse. However, the name Brewerytown still exists because of the rich heritage.

The neighborhood can be popularly described in one of two ways; it is quaint and friendly and slowly developing to its potential, or it is quickly gentrifying. Either way, most newcomers to the area are pretty optimistic with the general direction the town is heading in.

Thanks to developers and the Greater Brewerytown Community Development Corporation, around $45 million has been invested into the real estate with an additional $60 million is to be invested in the future according to the Philadelphia Business Journal.

It’s safe to say the town is growing and property prices are expected to go up several notches in the coming years. But what is most thrilling about moving to Brewerytown is the feel of this place; It's a vibrant and bustling center of commerce and youthful energy. There are bike and record shops and boutique breweries. A cultural and artistic renaissance in the heart of the city.

Since it is a small place, everything you could possibly need is just a short drive away! Be it The Art Museum or the Philadelphia Zoo, retail stores down Girard Avenue or the trendy iMunch Café, Brewerytown has it all.

Summing up, the Brewerytown neighborhood is a beautiful and peaceful place to move in to and a smart real estate choice to invest in.