The Dorchester 224-30 West Rittenhouse Square, Philadelphia PA 19103

People who choose sophistication and luxury prefer Rittenhouse Square which is at the apex of Center City’s neighbourhoods. The Dorchester building has thirty-two stories above the Rittenhouse Square; The Dorchester has the best sights the city has to provide. Whether being welcomed back by the security officer every night or relaxing by the pool on the penthouse-level roof deck, occupants experience real luxury living.

The entrance is a peaceful and calm place for the occupants and visitors to relax before going out to their favourite restaurants Philadelphia has to provide. Every unit has its distinct environment, with views from all directions of the city; potential residents may select the home which fits their standards, from comfortable studios to extensive three bedrooms.  The units consist of fully advanced, living room, office, featuring a custom kitchen, dining room, and separate laundry room among other rooms.

Every unit has almost 1,826 square feet of inner space with nearly 2,000 total square feet comprising of two terraces. The rooms have elegant finishes such as granite countertops in master bathroom and kitchen. Also, the rooms have marble on the floor and ceiling. It has fixtures, appliances, cabinets like GE Profile, Kohler sinks, Kohler Jacuzzi, Sub Zero, Bosch, Instant Hot dispenser, Baci, Hans, and Hunter Douglas among other appliances.

When one looks through the window walls, one can see the overview of the entire Rittenhouse Square that is in the heart of the city. It is located in the Southwest corner of the Rittenhouse Square in the most desirable location. It has thirty-two floors above Rittenhouse Square thus offers the panoramic sight of Rittenhouse Square which has survived for over 300 hundred years as a green oasis.  It has a Valet Parking Garage in the underground. Package rooms for dry cleaning.

Condo fees are comprising of all heating, electric, basic Comcast digital cable, and fitness center membership. It has a free fitness center with different weights and cardio machines.  On the 32nd floor, there is the famous Penthouse Pool that offers the panoramic views of Rittenhouse Square, South Philadelphia sports complexes, City skyline, New Jersey, Art Museum Area, and University City. During Friday and weekends, the membership fee is needed though from Monday to Thursday no fee is required. The building is maintained on a daily basis since there is a maintenance department on the location.  There is a spacious bicycle room which is secured and storage lockers. Taxis are found at the front of the apartment for easy transportation. No smoking room in the building since it is non-smoking building from 2010     In the neighborhoods of The Dorchester, there are the popular the beautiful Rittenhouse Square, desirable theatres, restaurants, and museums.

The Rittenhouse Square hosts several events like The Little Friends Festival, The Ball on the Square, and multiple arts and crafts demonstrations, and seasonal farmers markets. The Rittenhouse Square popular restaurants Center City has to provide like La Croix, Barclay Prime, Rouge, and Devon. There is the Schuylkill River on the West of Rittenhouse Square. Towards the east of the Square, there is Chestnut and Walnut Streets that have Philadelphia’s best shopping like the Brooks Brothers, Michal Kors, and Apple. There are the Avenue of the Arts to east and south of the street: Wilma Theatre, Merriam Theatre, The Kimmel Center, Academy Music, and Suzanne Roberts Theatre. Also, to the north, there are the Franklin Institute, Mutter Museum, Philadelphia Museum of Art, and Ben Franklin Parkway. 



The Dorchester building on Rittenhouse Square was opened in 1963. Its opening was a milestone since it was luxury apartment building compared to some traditional apartments, comprising some mansions, on 20th street and Rittenhouse Square. The Dorchester building was designed and developed by William Zeckendorf, who is well-known New York constructor.  He is also accredited for building the United Nations headquarters. William Zeckendorf constructed The Dorchester to accommodate Philadelphia's growing population, and to cater for the need for additional residential flats in Center City.     

Milton Schwartz, the architect, Initially, Milton Schwartz who was an architecture recommended two towers having an opening between them. However, Mr Zeckendorf rejected his recommendation. Later, they adopted the L-shaped design for The Dorchester building. The building acquired the name The Dorchester from a London landmark just like other buildings on Rittenhouse Square like The Savoy, The Barclay, and The Claridge. The Dorchester was unique building on Rittenhouse Square since it was the first apartment to apply the uncovered concrete as an outside finish. Also, The Dorchester provided a range of units comprising studio, one, two, and three bedroom flats. The Dorchester's design of studios was indifferent to the Pre-War houses on Rittenhouse Square which covered half and full floors.     

During the 1970s, rents raised to a thousand dollars each month for a two-bedroom apartment. This increase of rent meant that only wealthy persons could afford to pay that rent. Successful entrepreneurs, elected officials, celebrities, and media personalities were attracted to The Dorchester apartment. The penthouse pool that The Dorchester had was the gathering spot for several socialites and their associates.     

Robert Sheridan & Partners in 1980s transformed The Dorchester building to condominiums. The Dorchester's condos were in high demand and were sold out immediately. Most of the apartments were purchased by the present tenants of the building. On Rittenhouse Square, The Dorchester building has remained to be the most vibrant residential over the years. 


The Rittenhouse Hotel & Condominiums 210 West Rittenhouse Square Philadelphia, PA 19103

The Rittenhouse Hotel 210 West Rittenhouse Square Philadelphia, PA 19103     The Rittenhouse Hotel and Condominiums is situated at 210 W. Rittenhouse Square. It is in the heart of the city. It has 33 floors, 125 units in total, and has three elevators. It is the best condo apartment in town. It was constructed in the 1980s. The Rittenhouse Hotel and Condominiums has hotel rooms and office spaces. The Rittenhouse Condominiums offers occupants of the studio, one, two as well as three bedroom homes with amenities and services from the five-star Rittenhouse Hotel. The condominiums have their separate entrance with the doorman for security 24 hours. Condo residence gets services from the other parts of the building like town car usage, room service, and maid service for an additional fee. Occupants of the building always have a magnificent view of Rittenhouse Square to the east and University City to the west. The units of the building are different regarding layout, size, and floor plans. Every unit has in-unit washer and dryer. Parking lots are available to the owners, but no occupant individually owns a parking space in the building.     

The Rittenhouse Hotel and Condominiums has the best valet service in town, and the personnel’s are always helpful and friendly. The shared areas of the condo building like the hallways are often 100 percent tidy and well-maintained. They are attractive as one get off the elevators. This is a pet-friendly building. Thus pet lovers can consider owning a condo in this building. The pool and gym are shared with the hotel guests and are medium in size.  It has Penthouse units that are amazing at 210 W. Rittenhouse Square since they have large fireplaces and balconies and they offer nothing less of spectacular. Apart from Rittenhouse Square it also neighbours the Fitler Square, Logon Square, Graduate Hospital, Art Museum, Avenue of the Art, Old City, and Washington Square.

6 Reasons Why You Should List Your Home During the Holidays

6 Reasons Why You Should List Your Home During the Holidays

Traditional real estate wisdom may be telling you to hold off selling your home until after the holidays, but there are plenty of good reasons to list your home right now. Consider the following:

  • People who are looking for a home during the holiday season are most likely pretty serious about making a move. In fact, they may be in a bit of hurry. Putting your home on the market now might result in a faster sale at a higher price point.
  • Between family gatherings and holiday parties, you’ve probably got your home in bright and shiny, tip-top shape for entertaining. What better time to show off your home to prospective buyers, too?
  • In most areas of the country, yard maintenance decreases during the wintry holiday months. While you may have to blow a few leaves and clear away some snow from walkways, you won’t have to worry about keeping the lawn mowed, the garden beds weeded and the flowers blooming as you would if listing your home in the spring and summer.
  • The end of the year is usually a slower time for real estate professionals, so you will get lots of attention from your agent if you decide to list your home during the holiday season.
  • You will also have less competition in terms of other homes on the market, allowing your home to stand out more to prospective buyers.
  • You can stage your home to make an emotional connection to the holidays. Work with your real estate agent to tastefully decorate so that prospective buyers envision themselves hosting loving family celebrations in your home during the holidays. Stay away from overtly religious decorations and stick with decorations like small white lights, natural evergreens and a few shimmering metallics. An evergreen- or cranberry-scented candle will also emphasize that home-for-the-holidays feel. 

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4 Questions You Should Ask Your Real Estate Agent About the Market

When shopping for a home, we’re understandably preoccupied with the physical features of our future abode. How many bedrooms and bathrooms? Is there a first-floor master suite? Enough space in the yard for a pool?
While those details are of course paramount, there is some other critical information you should know about any home you’re considering buying: local market statistics. The house you buy is not only the place where you will raise your family and live the lifestyle you’ve always wanted; it’s most likely one of the biggest—if not the biggest—investments you will make in your lifetime.
Make sure you’re making a wise investment by asking your real estate agent the following questions:

  1. What’s the average time on market, and how has it changed in recent years?Knowing how quickly homes in your market sell is a great indicator of how much you will be able to profit off the sale of your home in years to come. Also be sure to ask how the days on market is expected to trend in the coming year.
  2. What’s the average sales price in your market? This is important to know in order to gauge whether you’re getting a sweet deal or potentially overpaying and hurting your chances to at least recoup your money when you sell. Find out if the average sales price has gone up or down in the last year or so and in which direction it will head over the coming year.
  3. What’s the current inventory of homes for sale in your market? Inventory is an easy way to determine whether you’re in a buyer’s or seller’s market. Both have their advantages. If inventory is high and you’re in a buyer’s market, you can negotiate a better deal. If inventory is low and you’re in a seller’s market, expect to pay above listing price. However, if market stats show that you will be in a seller’s market for years to come, you can make a nice profit should you choose to sell.
  4. What’s the rate of building and construction in your market? New homes, apartment buildings and businesses are all excellent indicators that you’re buying in a thriving and expanding market, which bodes well for your investment. Conversely, if businesses are closing or moving out of town, and if new-home construction is stagnant, your market may be experiencing a decline. 

Bear in mind, while market stats are extremely important, if you’ve found a great home in an area you love, and plan on staying put for many years, it’s most likely a wise choice. Real estate is still the safest and smartest long-term investment.
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Philadelphia Real Estate Investing 101

Many of the clients that we have here at InvestPhilly are, in fact, investors. Investor clients generally have different expectations of their property. Rather, than a place to live, they desire a return from their asset.

There are many reasons why someone might choose to invest in real estate and specifically Philadelphia real estate. Over the next several weeks, the team here at Invest Philly will embark on an ambitious project.

Our aim is to educate our audience about some of the risks, benefits, and unique nuances of real estate investments in the city of brotherly love. Our upcoming blog entries should not be considered authoritative academic texts. Rather, they are a collection of writings from professionals to relate our experience, to pique your interest and to provide a primer for further study.

Also, as we publish entries, we ask that you send us suggestions about subjects you’d like to see written about in the blog. We’re always available at and welcome your input.

To begin our series, let’s discuss why someone might consider real estate investing as opposed to other asset classes.


1.Cash Flow:

Many investor in rental properties do so in order to produce a cash flow. This source of income, which is largely passive, is ongoing and regular allowing many investors to pursue other interests or increase their holdings to further grow their cash flow.

Real estate cash flow is stable, predictable and often given as a reason to get into the field. Barring unforeseen maintenance expenses and the occasional bad tenant, this is often suggested as one of the best reasons to get into real estate investing.

2. Tax Benefits:

When discussing taxes, an important stipulation is to always consult with a qualified accountant or financial adviser before making any decisions. That said, federal and state tax laws are often favorable to real estate owners. Whether homeowners or rental property owners.

This before getting into discussions of tax abatements, which are an article in and of themselves and will be discussed at a later time.

3. Appreciation:

As the saying goes; Buy land, they're not making it anymore. This little nugget of wisdom comes from basic economic theory. Increasing demand for a product with a fixed quantity leads to higher price under most circumstances

Astute investors know where to find undervalued bargains. And, barring a major recession, land values tend to rise over time. Thus making it a good investment. This is especially true in a city. A city like Philadelphia.


We hope you’ve found this introductory blog entry informative and hope that you will stay tuned for more detailed articles that are coming soon!

As pictured, successful investments will allow you to buy progressively larger houses.

As pictured, successful investments will allow you to buy progressively larger houses.

A Haven of Creativity in Fishtown

A Haven of Creativity in Fishtown

InvestPhilly sits down for a conversation with Kim of the Portside Arts Center to learn a thing or two about expression, community and the power of teaching through art.